In the beginning… humanity was born as hunter-gatherers

What happens in the first chapter of the bible?

God creates the universe, the world, life itself and finally human beings in 7 days.

Creating the entire universe in 7 days seems impossible; thankfully 2 Peter 3:8 provides an explanation, to “be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Therefore the first book of the bible, and especially the first chapter, takes up the longest stretch of time, anywhere from thousands to even millions of years.

The 6 day work week, with the seventh day of rest, shows the Creator working and resting just like people alternately work and rest every week.

Human beings were then created and housed in the garden of Eden.

The garden of Eden took place in humanity’s earliest memory during the Paleolithic Age. A prehistoric hunter-gatherer world filled with thousands of now extinct species and populated by only tens of thousands of people.

Adam and Eve were clothed by God with animal skins and they could eat any of the fruit and meat that was created for them, further proving that Adam and Eve originated in the hunter gatherer Paleolithic Stone Age.

The creation myth in the Bible shares the most connections to the stories of other ancient world religions by taking place in prehistory, during eons when creative forces were working to make the world fit for habitation by humanity.