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This thesis explores the interconnectedness of global mythology through a multidisciplinary approach that draws from philosophy and various fields of study. It delves into the shared symbology of the snake, flying chariot, and children of God in Hindu, Greek, and Hebrew mythology, with a focus on demonstrating how these mythological elements reveal common ancestral roots. Drawing a parallel to Charles Darwin’s theory of human and primate evolution, this study posits that Indo-European gods share a familial connection and common ancestry, which extends to the Nephilim in Hebrew mythology. Furthermore, it suggests that human conception of deities has evolved in tandem with humanity. Published on this dedicated website that offers a unique comparison of demigods, heroes, kings, and prophets across these mythologies, this thesis challenges the conventional notion that Christianity solely emerged from Judaism by revealing the interconnectedness of these belief systems. It argues that Judaism’s roots trace back to Egypt, which, in turn, connects to Greek, Mesopotamian, and Indian mythologies.

The primary academic objective is to establish a spiritual connection between the Messiah, the Hebrew Patriarchs, and the Indo-European Demigods, offering a fresh perspective on the origins and evolution of religious and mythological traditions.

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